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MXR M101 Phase 90 Phaser Pedal
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MXR M290 Phase 95 Phaser Pedal
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BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter Pedal
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Moog MF-103 12-Stage Phaser Pedal
N Stuff Price$299.00
Availability: Out Of Stock

If you are in the market for a quality phaser pedal for your bass guitar you have arrived at the right place. We at N Stuff Music always make sure to carry the inventory necessary for you to build your rig to the next level to keep up with your musical pursuits and journey. Whether its overdrive pedals, distortion pedals, modulations, phasers, you can be sure we have it available for you here at N Stuff Music.

The phaser is a really cool pedal in the world of effects pedals for bass and guitar. The phaser effect is one that is well-known to musicians and sound engineers alike. The effect is basically created by shifting peaks and troughs in the frequency at a certain rate. The amount of the phase is determined by the frequency, thus, the greater the frequency the more rapid the effect will be.

The phaser has been an essential sound to many famous tones and recordings through rock, pop, and modern music history. These include iconic songs such as “Shattered” by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar”, Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”, and countless other recordings.

At N Stuff Music you can find a great selection of MXR and Boss pedals. Both of these brands produce top notch effects in terms of sound, durability, and affordability. One of the premier phaser pedals available is the MXR Phase 90 pedal. The Phase 90 has been the source of iconic sounds like the tones of Eddie Van Halen’s most famous guitar riffs. And now you get the chance to get that same phase effect but for your bass rig.

The Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter pedal is a great example of Boss’s ability to combine a great sound with a durable enclosure. Like all Boss pedals there is a wide range of ability to tailor the effect’s sound and specifically on the PH-3 you can alter the rate and depth as well as utilize the “rise” and “fall” features of this pedal to tailor the effect movement.

As with any of our dealers here at N Stuff Music if there is a product they sell that we do not currently have in stock just contact us and we can immediately get one sent to us for you at no additional cost.

For the best selection of effects and gear for your bass N Stuff Music is the place to shop. But not only do we have a great inventory, we have customer service that is award-winning and has given us a terrific clientele since we opened doors in 1968. For all of your instrument needs and the best in customer service shop N Stuff Music today!

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