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BOSS BF-3 Flanger Pedal
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Are you in the market for overdrive, distortion, modulation, and time-based effect pedals for your bass guitar? You’ve arrived at the right place. Here at N Stuff Music we have one of the best selections of effects pedals available on the market today. But what really makes us stand out as a store is the combination of our inventory with our top-notch customer service. For the best selection of modulation pedals available check out our inventory.

Flangers are one of the coolest and most swirly, extra-terrestrial sounding effects for guitars and basses. The flanger basically operates from two signals mixing together with a delay between both of the signals. The signals then sweep through the frequency spectrum thus creating that sweeping filter sound. The delay between the two signals will change the frequency of the sweep and thus be a totally different effect of your instrument.

At N Stuff Music you can find flagship flange pedals like the Boss BF-3. Like many Boss pedals, the BF-3 has become an industry standard for its durability. This pedal allows you to fine-tune the effect of the flanger specifically so you can be sure to dial in exactly what you need for your set in stage or in the studio. You can adjust the rate, depth, as well as different modes, and the ability to set the tempo for the flange.

As with any of our dealers, if there is a product you are looking for that is made by one of our dealers and we do not currently have in stock, just contact us and we can order for you at no extra cost for you to pick up or have delivered to you.

For the best in customer service and inventory N Stuff Music is the place you need to shop. We have award-winning customer service because our staff is well informed as to the cutting edge of music products and take customer needs into full consideration. At N Stuff Music customer value is the name of the game for us.

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