Bass Fretboard Care

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Big Bends Lil Luber Ultra Nut Sauce Applicator
N Stuff Price$9.99
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Dunlop System 65 Guitar Tech Kit
N Stuff Price$25.99
Availability: In Stock
Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner
N Stuff Price$4.99
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Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant
N Stuff Price$5.99
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Kyser Dr. Stringfellow Cleaner and Lubricant
N Stuff Price$5.95
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Kyser KDS800 Dr. Stringfellow Lem-Oil Fretboard Conditioner
N Stuff Price$5.95
Availability: In Stock
Planet Waves PW-FBC Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner
N Stuff Price$4.49
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Planet Waves PW-FRP Fret Polishing System
N Stuff Price$6.35
Availability: In Stock
Planet Waves PW-PK Express Guitar Polish Pack
N Stuff Price$2.55
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Music Nomad MN105 Fretboard F-ONE Oil - Cleaner and Conditioner
Availability: In Stock
Music Nomad MN108 Premium 5-Piece Guitar Care Kit
Availability: In Stock
Music Nomad MN124 - FRINE Fret Polishing Kit
Availability: In Stock

One of the most important aspects of making sure you keep your guitar in great shape is taking good care of the fretboard. It is easy to forget this, but remember, your fretboard is a piece of wood. It will be as susceptible as any other part of the guitar to being altered by weather, humidity, temperature and anything else. To be sure your fretboard is performing its best you want to have the proper products necessary to ensure its health and playability. Contact us today at N Stuff Music and we will lead you don’t the right path to getting what you need to properly maintain your instrument so it can serve you well for years to come.

Fretboard polish and conditioner is a must have in any gig bag or guitar cleaning kit. Polish and conditioner will ensure the health of your guitar’s fretboard as well as aid in making it much easier to play. By properly conditioning and cleaning your fretboard you are making sure the wood in the fretboard is properly hydrated and this will ensure its stability when you are playing.

As guitarists we all want the most tuning stability possible. One of the best ways to ensure your tuning stability is by using Nut Sauce. Nut Sauce will lubricate the grooves in which your strings sit on your nut and by lubricating that area you are making sure the string winds won’t be caught inside the nut. Therefore the string with smoothly move from the nut to the tuning post and will maintain its stability along the way.

If you’re looking for a product that you can quickly apply to make your guitar play better immediately then Finger Ease might be just what you need. Finger Ease is a string lubricant that will make your strings feel extra playable and also eliminate the excess of string noise that is created when your fingers are sliding across the fretboard.

Here at N Stuff Music we have an assortment of different products for fretboard care. Let us know what your needs are for cleaning and caring for your fretboard and guitar and we will guide you to the right products that will accomplish what you need.

At N Stuff Music we always recommend to get any maintenance that you have not practiced and thoroughly performed to get done by a professional luthier. Here at N Stuff Music we have two full-time luthiers who are highly skilled professionals and maintain guitars for professionals all over. We have affordable rates for setups and maintenance at our store so we welcome customers to bring their instruments to us.

Our customer service at N Stuff Music is second to none. You can speak with any of us on our online chat, email, by phone, and in person and can speak directly to one of our luthiers and guitar techs for expert advice on properly caring for your instrument.

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