Bass Polish Cloths

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Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit
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Fender Dual Sided Super Soft Microfiber Cloth
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Fender Factory Microfiber Cloth
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Fender Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth
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Planet Waves PWPC1 Pre-Treated Polish Cloth
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Planet Waves PWPC2 Untreated Polish Cloth
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One of the most essential things to always have with you is a good cleaning cloth. You should always use a cleaning cloth over your instrument once you are finished playing. A cleaning cloth should also be used over your guitar when you are changing strings. Run your microfiber cloth over your guitar and fretboard to clean any loose grime and remove fingerprints. Then you can use your cloth to apply the polish or conditioner to your guitar. At N Stuff Music we have a variety of polish cloths for you to choose from to determine which cloth will best aid you in keeping your guitar cleaned.

Microfiber cloths have really become an industry standard for maintenance and cleaning guitars. Microfiber is very soft on the finish of a guitar while being very effective at removing dirt and fingerprints off of the body of your guitar.

It is always good after a gig or before to wipe down your guitar with a microfiber cloth. We recommend microfiber cloths because they will not damage the finish of your guitar or get their fibers all over your instrument. A microfiber cloth is also the cloth you should use when applying polish to your guitar or cleaning any dirt, fingerprints, or other marks off of the body of your guitar.

Here at N Stuff Music we can show you how to properly use a cloth to clean your guitar and keep it in its best shape. Maintenance is essential to being sure that your guitar is going to perform consistently.

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