Bass Pedalboards

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SKB 1SKB-PS-8 Powered Pedalboard
N Stuff Price$109.99
Availability: In Stock
Gator G-MULTIFX-1510 -15"x10" Effects Pedal Bag
N Stuff Price$49.99
Availability: In Stock
Gator G-MULTIFX-2411 Pedalboard Bag
N Stuff Price$59.99
Availability: In Stock
Gator GPB-LAK-1 Small Black Aluminum Pedalboard with Bag
N Stuff Price$99.99
Availability: In Stock
On Stage Stands GPA1003 Utility Stand for Pedalboard
N Stuff Price$47.95
Availability: In Stock
On-Stage GPB2000 Compact Pedal Board
N Stuff Price$49.95
Availability: In Stock
On-Stage GPB3000 Pedal Board with Gig Bag
N Stuff Price$75.95
Availability: In Stock
Ultimate Support GSP-500-BK Genesis Series Pedalboard
N Stuff Price$199.99
Availability: In Stock
Kaces KREB2032 Razor Series Musician's Pro Audio Bag
Availability: In Stock
Gator GPB-BAK-1 Large Black Aluminum Pedalboard with Bag
N Stuff Price$149.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Gator GPB-BAK-GR Large Aluminum Pedal Board with Bag - Screamer Green
N Stuff Price$149.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

If you are looking for the proper gear and tools to take your playing to the next level for gigs and performance N Stuff Music is the place you need to be. We cater to professional musicians from all over Pittsburgh and the entire region because they know N Stuff Music is a reliable place to return for the gear they need for their rig. One of the essential pieces of gear for a bassist is a pedalboard. Pedalboards give you the ability to keep your effects perfectly organized on one board to make travel and performance much easier for your life as a bassist.

Building a pedalboard rig can be a bit daunting at first. You can’t help but see all of the pedals that are available on the market and begin to fret at what all you might need just to perform. Don’t fear, because we at N Stuff Music can help you. Feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly discuss some of the basics of setting up a pedal rig and what you need to get started.

When choosing a pedalboard you want to pick the size that is necessary for what you have or hope to have for a pedal rig. While big pedalboards give you lots of room for effects they also compromise some of the portability with a small rig whereas a small board gives you lots of portability but less space for effects.

If you are looking to get your pedalboard wired and properly set up just bring it in to N Stuff Music and we will get you taken care of. N Stuff’s very own Dave Lewis has long been the guitar tech for the amazing Whitesnake and Winger guitarist Reb Beach. Dave’s wiring and pedalboard setup is among the most organized and tidy you will see in the industry. Dave and our other technicians will gladly setup your board for you.

Once you have your pedalboard set up and ready to go you will find how incredibly convenient they are to obtain your tone and effects but while gaining the best possible portability for your instrument and rig. Use zip-ties and Velcro to safely secure your pedals to the board so they will not move while you are performing and will safely stick to your board to make portability and usage much easier.

Some of the essential pedals you will see on pedal boards for bassists are overdrives, filter pedals, synth-based pedals, octave pedals, DI pedals, line drivers, and several other types. Each of these has a different function and may or may not serve a need that you have for your bass.

For the best selection in pedalboard gear and stompboxes N Stuff Music is the place you want to shop. We have had a wealth of professional bassists shop here for decades because they have known N Stuff Music as a reliable and customer value driven store that will cater to their needs as well as have a great selection of inventory.

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