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Gator GFW-GTR-AMP Combo Amp Stand
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On Stage RS6000 Folding Tiltback Amp Stand
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On-Stage RS7000 Tiltback Amp Stand
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On-Stage RS7705 Pro Tiltback Amplifier Stand
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Many bass players love the ability to elevate their amp so they can send the sound out in the right direction to achieve the best possible mix. An amp stand allows players the chance to elevate their amp off ground and tilt it slightly so you can send the sound out the way you want to. An amp stand allows players to safely house their amp on a stand and avoid putting it on a messy floor at the club or bar. If you are interested in a good quality amp stand for your bass amp contact us at N Stuff Music and we will guide you in the right direction.

We carry stands made by On-Stage and Frameworks. Both of these companies have established reputations for producing quality stands whether it be for instruments or amplifiers. There are a few small things to base your decision on for deciding what type of amp stand to get. First, determine if you’d like your amp closer to the floor or raised well above the floor. Then you will also want to try the stand with either your amp or one with similar dimensions to tell if it is going to be a good fit for your amp.

Amp stands allow you to avoid the sound being soaked up by having your bass amp on the ground. Sometimes depending on the venue you might find that when your bass amp is at ground level it will direct the sound into an undesirable direction and will get soaked up quickly and then cause a very unbalanced mix between you and the rest of the band.

A bass amp stand will solve this by allowing you to project the sound in the direction that will enable you to best mix with the band and avoid you needing a monitor to hear your amp.

A bass amp stand can provide the consistency you need in order to receive the same direction of sound night after night and also not worry about the stability of your amp and cleanliness of the floor.

You will find that many jazz and blues bassists prefer an amp stand because it helps them direct the sound to blend with the other musicians directly on the bandstand. As any audio engineer will say, a good balance starts first with the balance on stage.

Here at N Stuff Music we have a great selection of stands for guitars, basses, other instruments, and all types of amplifiers. No matter what musical equipment you are looking for you can almost guarantee that we will have it available here at N Stuff Music. Thank you for your business and for visiting us here at N Stuff Music!

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