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Aaron Shearer Classic Guitar Part One
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All Chord In All Positions
N Stuff Price$7.95
Availability: In Stock
All Scales In All Positions
N Stuff Price$6.95
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Alternate Tunings For Guitar
N Stuff Price$5.95
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Bass Line Basics For Guitar
N Stuff Price$14.95
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Beginning Rock Lead Guitar
N Stuff Price$5.95
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Blues Licks You Can Use
N Stuff Price$16.95
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Blues You Can Use w/Online Audio PKG
N Stuff Price$19.95
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Building Blocks Of Rock
N Stuff Price$24.95
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Chord Connections
N Stuff Price$14.95
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Chord Scales Arpeggios Etudes Workout
N Stuff Price$8.95
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Classical Guitar Method Grade 1 w/CD
N Stuff Price$14.95
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Trying to learn all of your scales, arpeggios, and lots of chords so you can quickly advance as a guitarist? Don’t worry! There is a huge variety of guitar instruction books available for you to garner all of these skills and be well on your way to becoming a professional level player. At N Stuff Music we carry a large selection of guitar instruction books in order to bring these to the forefront of guitar players so they have a variety of ways to enhance their playing. Whether it be classical guitar, jazz, blues, arpeggios, or chords guitar instruction books are thorough and have proved through decades to be an excellent way of building musical capabilities.

For those interested in learning the logistics of the guitar in a more thorough way check out the convenient pocket reference books, “All Chords in All Positions”, “All Scales in All Positions”, as well as “Alternate Tunings For Guitar”, each of these is published by the Hal Leonard Corporation.

Many of these guitar instruction books are now available with additional products such as CD’s and programs capable to be used with software to be played virtually with backing tracks. Our variety of books even extends to lap/pedal steel guitar in addition to slide guitar for solid body electric guitar.

Guitar instructors all over the region have found our selection of instructional books as some of the best cornerstones for teaching the guitar. If you are a guitar teacher looking to use a book to enhance the learning process for a student you may be interested in the “Hal Leonard Guitar Method”. These books, in combination with CD’s, are a quick and interesting to way to teach students the basic structure of the guitar, show how to create and play chord vocabulary, as well as provide a very effective guide on how to read music and the way in which it applies directly to the guitar.

For guitarists interested in beginning their journey as a classical guitarist we carry books such as “Aaron Shearer: Learning the Classical Guitar”. Aaron Shearer is one of history’s most famous guitar pedagogues who developed an incredibly effective system of learning the classical guitar with the utmost accuracy and precision.

For college and university guitar professors we provide a wide selection of jazz guitar books that serve to help guitarists at the university level develop their music theory knowledge, chord and scale vocabulary, and improvisation in order to become professional level guitarists capable in any musical circumstance.

Our website is filled with a large assortment of guitar instruction books that serve to enable players a variety of ways to improve themselves quickly and effectively. Feel free to chat with us online during our business hours and visit our store in Blawnox, PA, 15 minutes outside of the city of Pittsburgh. Thank you for visiting our website and shopping at N Stuff Music!

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