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Cordoba C10 - Natural
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Cordoba C5 - Natural
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Cordoba C5-CE - Natural
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Cordoba C7 - Natural
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Yamaha CG122MCH - Natural
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Fender MC-1 3/4 Nylon - Natural
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Martin 000C Nylon Cutaway - Natural
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Yamaha CGS102AII - Natural
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Yamaha NTX700 - Natural
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Yamaha SLG200N - Natural
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Cordoba F10 - Natural
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Cordoba F7 -Natural
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Before the nylon string and classical guitar took the shape as we know them they had begun in the Renaissance as the lute, an early form of string instrument that was plucked and/or strummed. When the guitar began to take its shape in the very early nineteenth century its strings were made from animal gut. This held true for most of the century and eventually guitarists and builders alike became very irritated with the unreliable nature of gut strings which would prove to never survive in heat and temperature change and also have major intonation issues. Finally, the nylon string was developed during the twentieth century and nylon string and classical guitars became what we know of them today.

Check out the Cordoba C10 for a professional level nylon string classical guitar. This solid Canadian Cedar top with Indian Rosewood back and sides was one of the original models in Cordoba’s luthier series. The Martin 000C Nylon Cutaway is a premium nylon string guitar that has a wonderful combination of classic and rounded nylon string articulation with the capacity to be amplified. The Yamaha CG122 is a great option for the player who is purchasing their first nylon string guitar; its solid American Red Cedar top in combination with Nato back and sides makes this guitar a reliable and warm sounding nylon string that is at a price point meant to be accessible for a player’s first nylon string as well as a beginner.

The guitars that started it all in this world, nylon string and classical. Andres Segovia, one of the all-time greatest guitarists to have ever lived. Segovia single handedly took the guitar to the forefront of music and made it into a legitimate concert and performance instrument. Segovia was one of the first to officially develop fingerstyle technique when playing the guitar as the most accurate way to perform the nylon string classical guitar. Segovia’s lineage of students has spread so vast that almost every Collegiate and University classic guitar faculty member has directly or indirectly studied under Segovia.

Then you have the amazing Paco De Lucia, the foremost flamenco guitarist to have ever lived. Paco took the nylon string and developed his impossibly beautiful Spanish influenced flamenco guitar in which has completely paved the sound of Spanish culture to the rest of the world. Paco utilized a rest stroke fingerstyle technique in combination with his virtuosic understanding of harmony and improvisation to become one of the most skilled and famous guitarists in the history of the instrument.

At N Stuff Music we carry an array of nylon string and classical guitars. Our sales employees know the ins and outs of each instrument and what specs make each one unique from the other. Our guitar instructors at N Stuff Music are also always eager to start new students whether they are beginners seeking to learn or veterans looking to further hone their chops. Check us out today at N Stuff Music!

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