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Soundcraft Ui12 - 12-Channel Digital Mixer
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Soundcraft Ui16 - 16-Channel Digital Mixer
N Stuff Price$399.00
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Looking for the ultimate mixing platform available for your phone, tablet, or other devices? N Stuff Music has got you covered. The world of music technology has not gone immune to the incredible burst of technological advancement. There is a constantly increasing number of ways to technologically create, mix, and produce music with practically any device available. As a formidable retailer for music instruments and equipment we at N Stuff Music always make it a priority to stay at the cutting edge of the technological space. You can find the latest music technology products available in our inventory.

At N Stuff Music you can find Soundcraft digital mixers available in both the 12-channel and 16-channel configurations. This highly portable and compact box is a full-fledged mixing system that contains built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to control it with any device and web browser. These units do not require an additional app or other nonsense that similar products might require. Instead you can use any web browser you prefer with your device no matter if it is an android, iOS, or others. Utilizing Digitech Amp Modeling technology, parametric EQ, noise gates, and a variety of other features these units are truly all-in-one mixing systems in a small and compact box.

We understand the difficulty that can be associated with familiarizing yourself with a new product. That is why at N Stuff Music as a customer of ours you have full and continued access to our brilliant customer service representatives. We aren’t only interested in assisting you in the buying process. Instead, you can feel comfortable to ask us questions and for more assistance in operating your gear after purchase. We will gladly answer questions you have about your latest mixing console and program and be sure that you are able to operate it on a proficient level with as little difficulty as possible.

When shopping with us at N Stuff Music you can guarantee that you are getting the best in customer service and product inventory selection. No other music store has customer service that will stay with you through the entire buying process and even afterward to be sure you can use your product to the best of your ability.

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with us; chat with us on our website, email us, call, or visit us in person at our store’s location. Thanks for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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