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DAMPIT Guitar Humidifier
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Herco HE360 Guitar Humidifier
N Stuff Price$4.49
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John Pearse Guitar Humidifier
N Stuff Price$11.95
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Music Nomad MN300 The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Humidifier
N Stuff Price$13.99
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Music Nomad MN302 The Humilele - Ukulele Humidifier
N Stuff Price$9.99
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Music Nomad MN303 The Humitar - Instrument Case Humidifier
N Stuff Price$15.99
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Oasis OH-30 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier and Hygrometer Combo
N Stuff Price$39.95
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On-Stage GA150 Guitar Humidifer
N Stuff Price$4.95
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Planet Waves GH Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
N Stuff Price$10.49
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Planet Waves PW-HPK-03 Humidipak Restore Kit
N Stuff Price$41.80
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Planet Waves PW-HTS Hygrometer Humidity And Temperature Sensor
N Stuff Price$31.59
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Planet Waves PW-SIH-01 Small Instrument Humidifier
N Stuff Price$8.49
Availability: In Stock

One of the easiest facts to forget about the guitar is that it is a piece of wood. It might sound silly to say, but it is the most crucial detail to keep in mind when discussing the health and longevity of your guitar. Wood is very susceptible to change depending on many things such as humidity, temperature, as well as dirt and tarnish. When affected by a temperature and humidity change wood can move and alter drastically and will often begin to warp in a way that is totally visible and will greatly affect your playing. This warping and lack of humidity has the potential to range from an inconvenience all the way to devastating for a guitar.

During the colder months of the year, October/November through March when the weather is driest, this is where the greatest potential exists for the guitar to warp and alter due to lack of humidifying. The way in which to solve this in the most convenient way is through the purchase of a guitar humidifier. A guitar humidifier will maintain the accurate level of humidity needed for your guitar to avoid the alterations that come with the cold and dry season. We all know how it goes, you put your guitar away after a gig in its case one night when it isn’t too cold, then the next morning when it drops 20 degrees you go downstairs, open the guitar to play and noticed the neck has warped and the frets all buzz. Even through one night if there is a great enough temperature drop and humidity change the guitar can be subject to warping and alterations just through a couple of hours.

One thing to pay close attention to when selecting a humidifier to use is what style of humidifier you would need. Some humidifiers are made for acoustic guitars and nylon string classical guitars. Often times these humidifiers for acoustic guitars are meant to be located inside the soundhole to receive optimum humidifying for the guitar. Some humidifiers for semi-hollow or hollow body guitars are not meant to be used inside of the f-holes on the guitar because they may affect the electronics but work splendidly when stored inside your guitar case as they will humidify the air around the guitar to ensure it is working properly. Humidifiers vary in how they are used depending on which type you purchase; some are filled with water but then wrung out to get rid of access water while others have a sponge like part that is soaked with water and then placed into an enclosure to humidify the instrument.

If you have any questions about the process of properly humidifying a guitar please feel free to chat with us online so our staff can assist and answer your questions to help determine what humidifiers would ensure the best health of your instrument. At N Stuff Music we have two great luthiers on staff full-time who know the ins and outs of properly humidifying a guitar to ensure its quality in performance. Feel free to visit our store in Blawnox, PA, 15 minutes east of the city of Pittsburgh and ask to speak with one of our wonderful luthiers to learn the best steps to take in humidifying your instrument. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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