Bass Overdrive Pedals

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Catalinbread SFT Overdrive Pedal
N Stuff Price$179.99
Availability: In Stock
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Pedal (Version 2)
N Stuff Price$209.00
Availability: In Stock
Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Pedal
N Stuff Price$119.99
Availability: In Stock
Electro-Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Pi Distotion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal
N Stuff Price$80.60
Availability: In Stock
MXR M81 Bass Preamp Pedal
N Stuff Price$169.99
Availability: In Stock
MXR M89 Bass Overdrive Pedal
N Stuff Price$129.99
Availability: In Stock
Aguilar Tone Hammer Bass Preamp/Direct Box
N Stuff Price$229.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Pedal
N Stuff Price$79.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food Overdrive Pedal
N Stuff Price$88.70
Availability: Out Of Stock
Tech 21 SansAmp Programable Bass Driver DI Pedal
N Stuff Price$209.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Tech 21 VT Bass DI Pedal
N Stuff Price$209.00
Availability: Out Of Stock

Are you looking for a selection of overdrive pedals that you can use in your bass rig? Well you have arrived at the right place. We at N Stuff Music have a selection of gear available for bassists and guitarists that is second to none in the Pittsburgh and tri state region. Our innovative website and online platform has allowed us to take our top-notch customer service and selection of inventory to customers all over the U.S. and even internationally. At N Stuff Music we carry the top level pedal brands that are made in the industry today. We have been serving professional and recreational players since we opened doors in 1968 so it has been our mission and duty to provide the best selection of pedals to make musicians’ lives easier.

At N Stuff Music you will find there is no shortage of high quality pedal brands for bass in our inventory. Whether it’s Tech 21, Catalinbread, Boss, Electro-Harmonix, and MXR, among others, you can be sure we have it here for you to check out and demo to ultimately purchase.

You will find that at N Stuff Music we are one of the few stores in the entire region that has a full-fledged bass guitar department. We have two full rooms for our bass department alone because we keep a wide inventory of basses, pedals, amps, and the tools necessary to be a successful bassist and live your passion for tone and music.

Bass overdrive has been a sound that artists such as Geddy Lee, Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, and countless others have used to create their signature sound. In today’s musical climate it is necessary to have a quality pedal rig so you can achieve the sounds required to play gigs and create your own music.

For those of you looking for a quality overdrive check out the Catalinbread SFT overdrive pedal which is a transparent bass overdrive that maintains the high quality reputation that Catalinbread has established over the years.

The Tech 21 Sans Amp Driver and DI has become one of the most popular and sought after pedals on the market because of its great tone and versatility. The Sans Amp’s ability to act as both a line driver and DI make it an incredibly useful pedal, not to mention its excellent tone as well.

Boss and MXR have built their name from being reliable and durable pedal brands at affordable prices. For those of you looking for an affordable but quality bass overdrive pedal the Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal and MXR M89 Bass Overdrive Pedal are some of the best value on the market.

As with any of our dealers here at N Stuff Music if there is a product they sell that we do not currently have in stock just contact us and we can immediately get one sent to us for you at no additional cost.

For the best available in pedal selection and customer service shop today at N Stuff Music where customer value is our highest priority.

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