5-String Sets

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D'Addario ECB81-5 XL Chromes Flat Wound Bass 5-String - Light (45-132)
N Stuff Price$52.85
Availability: In Stock
D'Addario EPS170-5 XL ProSteels Bass Strings - 5-String Light (45-130)
N Stuff Price$26.88
Availability: In Stock
D'Addario EXL170-5 XL Nickel Wound Bass Strings - 5-String Light (45-130)
N Stuff Price$26.25
Availability: In Stock
D'Addario EXL170-5SL XL Nickel Wound Bass - 5-String Super Long LT (45-130)
N Stuff Price$29.10
Availability: In Stock
D'Addario NYXL45130 - NYXL Bass Strings - 5-String Regular Light (45-130)
N Stuff Price$34.99
Availability: In Stock
Dean Markley 2678 Blue Steel Bass Strings - 5-String Light (45-125)
N Stuff Price$24.99
Availability: In Stock
DR BKB5-45 - K3 Black Beauties Bass Strings - 5-String Medium (45-125)
N Stuff Price$39.95
Availability: In Stock
DR LR5-40 Hi-Beam Stainless Steel Bass Strings - 5-String Lite (40-120)
N Stuff Price$34.99
Availability: In Stock
DR MR5-45 Hi-Beam Stainless Steel Bass - 5-String Medium (45-125)
N Stuff Price$34.99
Availability: In Stock
DR MR5-45T125 Hi-Beam Stainless Bass - 5-String Custom Medium (45-125TW)
N Stuff Price$32.38
Availability: In Stock
Elixir 14202 Nanoweb Nickel Plated Steel Bass - 5-String Light (45-130)
N Stuff Price$49.99
Availability: In Stock
Ernie Ball 2836 Nickel Wound Bass Strings - 5-String Reg. Slinky (45-130)
N Stuff Price$24.99
Availability: In Stock

Are you struggling to find a 5-string set for your bass guitar? No problem, because N Stuff Music has got you covered! We are a go-to music store for many of the bassists in the city of Pittsburgh and the region. Customers return to our store time and time again because they know that they can count on our inventory having what they need in order to get the job done. Not only will we have the inventory they are looking for, but they will also receive a level of customer service at our store that is unlike anywhere else.

5-string basses are a mainstay in the music industry because of the increase of sonic versatility that the added string provides. Whether it’s the thundery low end of a hardcore song, or the groovy backbeat of a funk tune a five-string bass can surely provide the sound necessary to provide that iconic bass line for you.

Bassists who play 5-string may run into issues like the small shop that they take lessons at or shop at doesn’t have 5-string sets for bass. At N Stuff Music you never need to worry because we have a vast inventory and keep it thoroughly stocked so that we have inventory ready for players who need to quickly get what they need. Our customers know that N Stuff Music is guaranteed to have whatever products they need readily available.

If your go-to strings are D’addario chromes, pro steels, or nickel wound for your 5-string bass you can be sure that you will find them here at N Stuff Music. For those of you who prefer Dean Markley or DR 5-string sets for your bass you will also be happy to know we have a wide selection of them as well. For the 5-string player looking for a long lasting and high quality set of strings check out the Elixir Nanoweb 5-string set for bass. As a premier dealer of Ernie Ball products in the region you can also be sure to have the full range of Ernie Ball strings present at N Stuff Music for you to find the right 5-string set. If you prefer stainless steel round wound strings for your 5-string bass check out Rotosound’s Stainless Steel Bass Strings for 5-string bass.

What separates us from other music merchants? Our customer service. We cater to those who prefer a convenient online way of shopping, by phone, or those who prefer to come to a store and purchase in person. At each of these levels you can be sure to be getting the customer care that we at N Stuff Music have become known for. For the best in Bass strings and other accessories contact us today at N Stuff Music and we will gladly service your music and gear needs.

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