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Effects pedals have not been left out of the world of limited edition products for the guitar. Companies are making some of the most innovative and interesting limited edition effects pedals on the market today. A limited edition effects pedals is a one-time creation of a limited supply of either a completely brand new pedal, or a new take on a classic pedal by a company. These pedals accrue value over time due to their limited supply and unique nature. Whether its Boss effects, Xotic pedals, JHS, Fulltone, Wampler, or others, these companies are making incredibly interesting and exciting limited edition effects pedals. N Stuff Music is the place you will want to look to find the newest creations of limited edition effects pedals. Our close relationships with our dealers gives us the ability to be one of the first receivers of limited edition effects pedals because they know that we at N Stuff Music will be able to get it into the hands of players who would benefit most from these pedals.

There are a few things that might delineate a limited edition effects pedal from a typical effects pedal. Limited edition effects are a really cool opportunity for a company to put its heads together and culminate its innovation and features into a new and unique pedal. A limited edition pedal may result in a few different creations. Many limited edition effects pedals will become of the result of a totally new pedal or the redoing of an already successful pedal which can result in a neat collector’s item.

One of the reasons to consider purchasing a limited edition effects pedal is if you are interesting in having a pedal that is unique and will be made of limited supply. This will increase the value of the pedal especially if it is a rethinking of an already successful pedal but with a few added features. Now your pedal’s value will increase over time as it was one of a limited supply by a successful and renowned pedal company.

Be on the lookout here at N Stuff Music for the latest in limited edition effects pedals. At N Stuff Music our customer service is truly second to none. Don’t be intimidated by our website or selection, we are not a big corporate chain, we are a family-owned business based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our employees are most concerned with providing value for our customers, and that has been the mission of N Stuff Music since we opened our doors in 1968.

Feel free to call us here at N Stuff Music and we will happily converse with you about the newest additions in all pedals whether it is limited edition effects or any of our other guitar products.

We will take the time to understand your needs and musical directions so that when you contact us we can take the time to point you in the direction of gear that might be of your interest but are also always open to exploring new avenues that you may be interested in taking. Contact us today at N Stuff Music, and thank you for visiting our website!

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