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Are you a touring guitarist that needs a rig to perform consistently on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, then you will definitely want to dive into the world of guitar rackmount effects. Rackmount effects are going to produce some of the best and most high-fidelity guitar sounds. At N Stuff Music we will get you on your way to having a proper touring rig with Rackmount effects. Rackmount effects are built perfectly for your rack and to fit safely in your rack carrying cases, this makes them one of the most reliable types of effects units and give you almost complete peace of mind for while you are traveling with a band or artist.

Rackmount effects are not limited in terms of what types of effects are available in this style of housing. Whether its chorus, delay, overdrive, reverb, wah, or any type of effect, you can get it in a rackmount version that will enhance your experience performing live or in the studio. Companies such as Line 6 have even manufactured multi-effects pedals in rackmount versions so you can have all of your wonderful tone and amp modelers as part of a rack to ensure their durability and terrific tone.

Another common place that you may find rackmount effects is in studios. Rackmount effects are known for their ability to produce their effects at such a reliable and consistent level that they are an ideal fit for use in the studio. Rackmount effects will also fit perfectly among the rest of your studio effects in the rack, thus making your recording rig as versatile and compact as ever.

There is a reason why the pros always travel with rackmount effects in their racks, the reliability of rackmount effects is second to none and professionals cannot afford to have anything but the best when we are talking consistency. Rackmount effects also have the same capabilities to hook to software and various forms of music technology that you need in order to properly record in the studio or plug into a live rig.

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