Guitar Amp Footswitches

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Fender 1-Button Economy On-Off Footswitch
N Stuff Price$13.99
Availability: In Stock
Fender MGT-4 Mustang GT 4-Button Footswitch
N Stuff Price$79.99
Availability: In Stock
Fender Mustang III 4-Button Footswitch
N Stuff Price$48.99
Availability: In Stock
Hosa FSC-502 Normally Open Momentary Footswitch
N Stuff Price$24.99
Availability: In Stock
Hosa FSC-503 Normally Closed Momentary Footswitch
N Stuff Price$24.99
Availability: In Stock
BOSS FS-7 Dual Footswitch
N Stuff Price$54.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Lehle Little Dual Switcher Pedal
N Stuff Price$229.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Line 6 FBV EXPRESS MkII Footswitch
N Stuff Price$99.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Orange FS-1 Footswitch
N Stuff Price$35.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

Guitar amp footswitches make our lives much easier by allowing guitarists to navigate the channels, settings, and features of the amplifier at your feet. As technologies improve in our culture so do the capabilities for footswitches to work cooperatively with amps.

Guitar amps with channel switching capabilities are constantly becoming more innovative and with a huge range of tonal capabilities. However, it isn’t fun to have to turn and select the sounds physically on your amp in the middle of playing a tune on a gig. This is where the footswitch comes in! Now you can stomp on that lead channel the moment you need to play some screaming solos or switch over to the clean channel of your amp to get that clean sound for the bridge of the song. In additional to channel switching, many of these footswitches will also engage or disengage on-board effects. Whether it is reverb, tremolo, or even many digital effects, footswitches are made to navigate your amp almost entirely, making guitarists’ lives much easier.

Did you buy an amp used but don’t have the footswitch that was made for it? Contact us here at N Stuff Music and we’ll help you out. Our quality relationships with our dealers enables us to call for you to find out if they could send a footswitch for your amp so you have the capability to play it with ease on stage. Footswitches are built to be durable often with a metal chassis and topped with a metal button to ensure longevity in its use. A footswitch will also sit comfortably next to or even on your pedalboard and is completely non-invasive when sitting as just part of your pedal rig.

Don’t worry if you lost or broke your Fender footswitch, we have a replacement ready for you to purchase and go back to having a more convenient life with your guitar amp. For players who like two run a stereo rig for two amplifiers we have the footswitch that will take care of your needs. The Lehle Little Dual Switcher Pedal will allow you to effortlessly switch between amps as well as use both amps at once for that huge sounding stereo rig. Nothing could beat a stereo rig with a sound so big its surrounds you while you’re playing!

For any questions about your amplifier or footswitch needs contact us today at N Stuff Music. You can reach us on our website’s chat, email, or visit our store’s location in Blawnox, PA, 15 minutes east of the city of Pittsburgh. When we opened doors in 1968 we made it our mission to put customer service and satisfaction first on our priorities. We do this through our variety of ways to get in contact with us whether it’s on our website, social media, or in person. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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