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On Stage RS6000 Folding Tiltback Amp Stand
N Stuff Price$34.95
Availability: In Stock
On-Stage RS7000 Tiltback Amp Stand
N Stuff Price$39.95
Availability: In Stock
On-Stage RS7705 Pro Tiltback Amplifier Stand
N Stuff Price$59.95
Availability: In Stock
Gator GFW-GTR-AMP Combo Amp Stand
N Stuff Price$39.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Gator G-212A 2x12" Combo Amp Transporter/Stand
N Stuff Price$249.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

At N Stuff Music we carry the gear that will make your life much easier as a musician. One of the ways we do this is by carrying guitar amp stands. It is not always easy getting an amp to project the way it’s supposed to. Often times your amp when on the floor will just be putting sound right into the chairs and fabric that will soak it up instantly. Thus you spend the whole night feeling like your sound isn’t going anywhere and this is a place we never want to be. This can be fixed by purchasing a guitar amp stand.

Guitar amp stands are designed to provide a safe and secure option for your amp to project and produce its most capable sound. Amp stands are designed to have a slight tilt in which allows the sound to be aimed less at people’s legs and feet and more towards the region in which the other musical waves are being fostered, and also positioned so that you can hear an authentic version of your tone. This allows you to focus your sound in the direction you want to and to gain a better sense of the trueness of your tone being produced.

The tilt of a guitar amp stand will allow you to hear yourself more accurately and also prevent the speaker from being pointed directly at the audience. Many times when you’re on a stage the stage will be positioned in such a way that the amp’s speaker is facing the audience directly. With the amp tilted higher it won’t face the audience directly and may not require you to turn down so much you can barely hear it. Maybe just for once the sound man won’t tell you to turn down! You may be thinking that if your amp gets mic’d at a venue then you’d have no need for an amp stand. This is not always the case however. A microphone will help the audience’s reception of your sound through the PA system but it will not help you hear it any better without a monitor. When using an amp stand the amp will be faced in such a way that it is much easier for you to hear the sound that your rig is producing and you will not need to bother the sound man to set up a monitor and can instead use your amp as a true monitor.

Questionable flooring at a gig can really present a problem with your amplifier. Loose or sketchy flooring as well as a dirty floor is never fun for our gear investments. Not only could your amp not be level but loose flooring could, along with the movement of your amp when being played, create lots of unwanted vibration and buzzing. A guitar amp stand will keep your amp safely raised above the floor and prevent all of these problems.

Here at N Stuff Music we try to carry all the products that will make your life increasingly simpler as a guitarist. Whether it is guitar amp stands or other products, we strive to figure out what it is you need in order to spend less time worrying about your sound and more time focusing on the music. If you’re not sure how to figure out what type of guitar amp stand is right for you contact one of our sales representatives. Our sales representatives’ “customer first” attitude and product expertise will have you quickly on your way to finding the right guitar amp stand for your amplifier. Contact us today at N Stuff Music for any musical needs. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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