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Fishman ACC-AMP-SC2 - SA330x Deluxe Carry Bag
N Stuff Price$149.95
Availability: In Stock
Fender Mustang III Amplifier Cover
N Stuff Price$17.49
Availability: In Stock
Yamaha THR BAG - Gig Bag for THR Series Amplifiers
N Stuff Price$35.99
Availability: In Stock
EVH 5150III Lunchbox Amp Gig Bag - Black
N Stuff Price$39.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Gator G-212A 2x12" Combo Amp Transporter/Stand
N Stuff Price$249.99
Availability: Out Of Stock
Gator G-TOUR AMP HEAD - ATA Guitar Amp Head Case with Casters
N Stuff Price$239.99
Availability: Out Of Stock

Guitar amps often suffer the worst when it comes to road wear. Unlike guitars, they do not have nearly as many options for cases and protection that guitars do. Amplifiers often get the shaft going to gigs from no fault of their own as all of us musicians do our best to stash it in the backseat or trunk where it will fit while crammed amongst the rest of our gear. These problems often lead to our amplifiers wearing down far sooner than they ought to. This is why at N Stuff Music we carry a selection of amplifier cases and transporters to be sure that an amplifier can be taken securely to a gig.

If you perhaps don’t want to spend quite as much as a full amplifier travel case you may be interested in an amplifier cover. An amplifier cover will do an eloquent job of protecting your amp from many everyday scratches of travel and gigs and will also protect your axe from rain or weather if you need to carry it from your car to the gig. If we don’t have a cover that will fit your amp specifically ask us and we may be able to order one from one of our dealers that is made from your amp model to assure its security. Gator makes an incredibly reliable line of travel cases for amplifiers, and if you’re interested, let us know and if we don’t have one in stock we can order one in just for you.

Contact us here at N Stuff Music on our website chat, email, or our store’s location for any guitar amplifier or amp protection needs and we will assist you unlike any other music retailer. As a family-run business, N Stuff Music has made customer service and satisfaction its number one priority since our doors opened in 1968. Thank you for visiting our website and for shopping at N Stuff Music!

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