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Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee Head and 2551AV 4x12" Cabinet
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Guitar amp manufacturers never cease to create very interesting and unique limited edition guitar amps. Whether its limited edition amps like the Mesa/Boogie John Pentrucci Mark IIC+, or the Marshall Silver Jubilee, these amps pack a tone punch that you would not want to miss. This category is a very interesting one because it is entirely dependent on what the latest limited edition amps are that companies are putting out as well as which ones we are carrying in stock.

If there is a limited edition amp that is being produced by a company who is a dealer for us that we do not have in stock, contact us and we should be able to get one in just for you. This is the kind of customer service we offer at N Stuff Music that big box stores and corporate chains cannot offer. As a family-run business since 1968 customer service has always been our highest priority. Check this category for updates on what limited edition amps are being produced. If it is listed on our site but we are out of stock, contact us, we might be able to get one in just for you.

Limited Edition amps provide for a unique opportunity for tone hounds to sniff out an amp that is unlike any other in sound, function, and appearance. Limited Edition amps will contain great value as they are a reputable brand to begin with but add rarity with limited edition qualities that will be sure to create great value for your amplifier.

These amps in this category are typically going to run more expensive than a non-limited edition amplifier will due to the limited quality of them. But what you are getting in return is practically a one-of-a-kind amp that has characteristics and tone all to itself. Limited edition amps represent the very finest in craftsmanship and innovation that these amplifier companies have to offer. It is honestly startling how top-notch and unique a limited edition amp can be when the minds of a great manufacturer are put together.

Here at N Stuff Music we like to carry not only the everyday gear that is popular and common among guitarists, but also bring products in such as limited edition amps that might perk the interest of our customers who are looking for something that perhaps breaks slightly from the status-quo. Are you curious as to what companies might have in the making or soon available? Contact us today to gain insight on what might be up and coming in the amp world. We send several of our employees to the NAMM show every year so that we can have the best insight and stay on top of what unique creations the guitar amp industry is beginning to produce.

For the best in limited edition guitar amps contact us today at N Stuff Music and we will guide you in the right direction. Amplifiers are truly instruments in themselves, they are a huge portion of our tone and finding the right guitar amp that will not only sound great with your rig, but inspire you to make music with it, which is one of the most important steps in this journey. Thank you for visiting our website, and let us know the best way we can serve your needs.

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