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Gretsch G5422G-12 Electromatic - Walnut Stain
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Rickenbacker 360/12 - Fireglo
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Rickenbacker 360/12 - Mapleglo
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Rickenbacker Model 330/12 - Fireglo
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Find yourself captured by Jimmy Page’s incredibly sound when playing “Stairway to Heaven” live? It probably is because he is using a 12-string electric guitar. The 12-string electric is a great marriage between the beautiful, chorusy-type sound that a 12-string guitar contains with the clarity and full sound of an electric guitar. The 12-string electric guitar can quickly take you on your way to achieving that full-sounding character you seek to your next studio recording or live performance.

For the prospective 12-string customer we carry a selection of quality 12-string options. The Gretsch G5422G-12 features “Black Top” Filter’tron humbucking pickups along with the iconic Gretsch hollow body style helping give this 12-string a tonal character unto itself. Rickenbacker guitars manufacture not only some of the highest-quality 6-string electrics, but also produce premium level 12-string instruments. The Rickenbacker 360/12 contains maple wood for the body, a rosewood fretboard, as well as Rickenbacker’s Hi-gain pickups which, in combination with 12-string body style, make this Rickenbacker, as well as its 12-string Rickenbacker brothers, tonal machines. Finally these Rickenbackers are topped with Schaller tuning machines which are at the very top of intonation reliability.

At N Stuff Music we have a selection of 12-string electric guitars that will capture that incredibly full 12-string sound that you seek for your studio or performance. We encourage all of our customers to chat with us online to inquire and determine which 12-string guitar would be ideal for you. Customers are always welcome to come into our store located in Blawnox, PA, 15 minutes east of Pittsburgh, and demo any 12-string guitar or any other instrument in order to help you figure out the instrument that will ideally fit for you.

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