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Fender Mustang 90 - Olympic White
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Fender Mustang - Olive
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Fender Mustang 90 - 2-Color Sunburst
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The Fender Mustang is one of the foremost rock n roll, grunge, and punk guitars to have ever existed in history. The Mustang is known for its rustic, barebones, and gnarly sound. The Fender Mustang was originally created to be used as a student instrument hence the smaller scale and minimal size of the body itself. However, throughout the years after its creation the Mustang gained a sort of cult status by the alternative rockers that found it alternative and ironic to use as a main guitar. But in doing so ironically these rockers soon found that the Fender Mustang had a punch and cut-through sound that is very desirable for cleans and rockin' riffs. At N Stuff Music we carry a variety of Fender Mustang guitars so that you have a selection of one of the most alternative rock machines in the industry today.

The Fender Mustang at a glance has a body shape that is reminiscent of the Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar by its offset sort of lower bout and a similar cutaway style. However, unlike the Jazzmaster and Stratocaster's 25.5" and 25" scale length the Fender Mustang contains a smaller 24" scale length. The 24" scale length will be very comfortable for smaller players and also players who like an instrument that is less cumbersome and feels smaller in their hands.

By the 1990s the resurfacing in the use of the Fender Mustang was quite powerful as more and more artists in the rock, punk, and grunge genres were beginning to popularize the use of the Fender Mustang for its barebones rock guitar sound. The inexpensive nature of the Fender Mustang made them one of the most obtainable guitars for young players playing in garage rock bands and punk bands whereas they could not afford vintage Stratocasters and telecasters too often. The emergence of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana became one of the biggest factors as to the increasing popularity in the playing of the Fender Mustang.

Here at N Stuff Music we carry a selection of Mustang guitars including the Mustang 90 which features Fender's MP-90 single coil pickups. As well as, we also carry models of the Fender Mustang that contain the traditional Mustang single-coil pickups. Regardless which type of Mustang guitar you get, both are performance machines and will do an excellent keeping your tone honest and authentic to the eras of punk and grunge music.

There is no single more iconic brand in the history of the guitar than Fender guitars. Fenders are the brand that has set the standard for all other guitars to be compared to. Fender has never been known to limit themselves, thus production of the Jazzmaster, Jaguar, HSS strats, Squier, acoustic guitars, mustang, duo-sonic, and many other guitars as Fender seems to never quit reinventing their possibilities. At N Stuff Music we are proudly one of the largest dealers of Fender guitars in the region and our innovative website has allowed us to become one of the premier dealers of Fender instruments in the United States. The Fender Mustang has carried one of the most retro and alternative-rock places in the market today.