Suhr Modern Series Guitars

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Suhr 2016 Modern Custom Macassar Ebony - Natural
Suhr Clearance$5799.99
Availability: In Stock
Suhr 80's Shred MKII - Neon Drip
N Stuff Price$3766.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr 80's Shred MKII - Tiger Stripe
N Stuff Price$3766.00
Availability: In Stock
Suhr Modern Antique Custom Maple/Basswood - 2-Tone Tobacco Burst
Coming Soon$3726.45
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern Custom Carve Top Quilt Maple/African Okoume - Faded Trans Whale Blue Burst
Coming Soon$4564.35
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern Custom Carve Top Quilt Maple/African Okoume - Trans Blue Denim Slate
Coming Soon$4571.70
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern Custom Figured Walnut/Swamp Ash - Natural
Coming Soon$4681.95
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern Custom Spalt Maple/Roasted Alder - Natural
Coming Soon$4387.95
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern Custom Waterfall Burl Maple/Genuine Mahogany - Faded Trans Green Burst
Coming Soon$4498.20
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Modern T Pro - Charcoal Burst
Coming Soon$2590.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr Standard Custom Spalt Maple/Alder - 3-Tone Burst
Coming Soon$4314.45
Availability: Out Of Stock
Suhr 80's Shred MKII - Neon Drip
N Stuff Price$3766.00
Availability: Out Of Stock

Are you looking for an instrument that is the culmination of playability, tone, and innovation? Look no further than Suhr Guitars. Suhr is at the forefront of innovation for the guitar. They have developed unique styles of instruments that have proven to be some of the most successful and popular instruments in the market today. The Suhr Modern series feature the ultimate in customization. Whether it is exotic tone woods, unique pickup configurations, electronics, neck woods, and styles, The Suhr Modern Series of Guitars are incredibly unique and interesting guitars that will surely have you leaving your jaw drooped open.

The Suhr Modern series of instruments are Suhr’s more high-performance and innovative series of instruments. These instruments are meant to being modern with a classic style body and the ability to achieve classic tones while having all the benefits of modern playability and features. Suhr does an incredible job with these guitars keeping them consistently innovative and always bring a host of new features while being true to their consistency and durability that has made Suhr a premier guitar manufacturer. The Suhr Modern Satin is the base level Suhr modern which features HSH pickup configuration as well as a streamline body style, exceptionally light weight of under 7 lbs., and one of the fastest playing necks you will ever try.

The Modern Antique Pro is a Modern Satin guitar but with a relic job, basswood body, vintage style finish, and a Pau Ferro fretboard. These are perfect for the guitarist that loves a Modern playing axe but with the aesthetics and feel of a vintage guitar.

The Suhr Modern Custom instruments are where Suhr experiments with some of the most inspiring, woods, necks, features, and other ways of innovation. Suhr’s custom finishes will surely have you believe that you are not just looking at a guitar but a work of art; these finishes are truly like nothing else on the market today.

Suhr utilizes a roasting technique for many of their top-notch tone woods that takes the oxygen out of the wood and will enhance the stability of the wood in addition to creating an incredibly cool and beautiful color on the wood. Roasted guitar necks are among the best and easiest playing guitar necks in the industry today.

Suhr’s SSV, SSH+, ML, and Thornbucker pickups can be found on a variety of the Suhr Modern Custom instruments. These pickups all carry a different tonal quality but still have a host of versatility and can provide warm cleans as well as overdriven mayhem at an instant.

For one of the best selections of Suhr guitars in the market contact us today at N Stuff Music. Suhr instruments never cease to amaze us due to their incredible stability, versatility, playability, and whatever aspect that can possibly make a guitar a beautiful instrument. We welcome customers from anywhere to come into our store’s location and demo any Suhr product we have. If you are not within a drivable distance to our location please contact us on our website chat, email, or by phone and we will gladly assist you.

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