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Fender American Professional Jazz Bass - Natural
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Fender standard Bass V Bass Guitar - Brown Sunburst
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Fender Adam Clayton Jazz Bass - Sherwood Green Metallic
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One of the most formidable instruments in not only basses, but all music, the Fender Jazz Bass. The Fender Jazz Bass is the choice of ax for many of the world’s greatest bassists. Bassists such as Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, John Paul Jones, Sting, Noel Redding, and countless others have made the Fender Jazz Bass the ax in which they would go on to create their iconic sounds. With a list of bassists as legendary as this, how could you go wrong?

Originally designed and called the “Deluxe Model”, the Fender Jazz Bass was shortly after given its official title after the neck was redesigned and deemed to be better suited for jazz musicians at the time. Both pickups combined with its electronics allow for a variety of sounds just on the body of the bass itself. Various other options of pickups and electronics such as on-board preamps, and passive/active electronics are available on a number of models as well as customizable in the Fender Custom Shop.

Known for its versatility, reliability, and iconic looks and sounds, the Fender Jazz Bass is arguably the most popular bass for over half a century. The Fender Jazz Bass comes in a variety of styles including standard 4-string, 5-string, fretless, as well as signature basses and others. The Fender Jazz Bass typically features alder or ash bodies allowing the body of the bass to breathe well in addition to being one of the most sonically diverse woods, as instruments often made of ash and alder are used by players who need to fill the sound of a variety of musical styles. Fender Jazz Basses are also available in a wide range of Fender Custom Shop varieties and can also be found across the lines of the American Special lines of instruments.

The Jazz Bass can be found being played in a huge variety of settings. It can be used in jazz, funk, R&B, rock, and countless other genres. We recommend that any player looking to get a versatile, reliable, and supremely playable ax look into the Fender Jazz Bass, reason being, they are effortless to pick up and play.

At N Stuff Music we have a variety of Fender Basses to select from. However, if there is a Fender bass that we do not have in stock but a customer would still like ordered, we can have the instrument shipped here for you to order through us.

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