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Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V - Natural
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An instrument that has brought the low-end groove to countless records and been the instrument of choice by many of the most famous bassists of all time, the Fender Precision Bass. Designed by Leo Fender in 1950, the precision bass quickly become the most used bass on recordings and in performances. The Precision bass was initially made to solve all the problems associated with many double basses at the time. “Precision”, came from the inclusion of frets in order to enhance the precision of intonation as opposed to the difficulty of intonation often found in fretless instruments.

As the precision bass underwent alterations it eventually adopted the familiar Stratocaster type body shape but made bigger to accommodate the size of the bass guitar. This “Stratocaster” style shape quickly became the permanent body shape of the precision bass. In combination with the Fender Jazz Bass, the precision and jazz basses have become arguably the most used basses in the music industry today. Known for its great sound and reliability, the precision bass has become the axe of choice for bass icons such as James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, Mike Dirnt, John Paul Jones, Duff McKagan, Roger Waters, and is still becoming a first choice for new players everywhere.

As one of the most popular instruments, the precision bass comes in a variety of styles as well as provides a multitude of affordable options for players who are looking for an instrument on a budget. The Fender American Elite Series precision basses are among the most premier precision basses representing Fender’s highest quality in woods, features, and electronics. The Fender American Elite Precision Bass features a PJ style pickup configuration containing a split-coil precision bass middle pickup as well as a fourth-generation Noiseless Jazz Bass bridge pickup.

The Fender Standard Precision Bass represents the same attention to detail and quality in the American Elite Series but in a more affordable package. This allows the player shopping for a new bass with a budget the option to still purchase and perform on a reliable and excellent instrument. Utilizing a standard split single-coil pickup and alder body the Fender Standard Precision Bass has a plethora of sonic possibility for bassists of any style.

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