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Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB 18x20 Audio Interface
New Arrival$799.99
Availability: In Stock
JBL 305P MkII - 82 Watt 1x5" Powered Studio Monitor - Black
New Arrival$149.99
Availability: In Stock
JBL 308P MkII - 112 Watt 1x8" Powered Studio Monitor - Black
New Arrival$249.99
Availability: In Stock
ART DualZDirect Dual Professional Passive Direct Box
N Stuff Price$40.00
Availability: In Stock
ART SCC Studio Control Center
N Stuff Price$119.00
Availability: In Stock
ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp
N Stuff Price$55.00
Availability: In Stock
ART TubeOpto 8-Channel Tube Microphone Preamp
N Stuff Price$399.00
Availability: In Stock
ART ZDirect Professional Passive Direct Box
N Stuff Price$29.00
Availability: In Stock
Behringer ADA8200 8-Channel ADAT Audio Interface
N Stuff Price$199.99
Availability: In Stock
Behringer CX2310 Super-X Pro Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover
N Stuff Price$79.99
Availability: In Stock
Behringer FCA1616 16-Channel USB/Firewire/MIDI Audio Interface
N Stuff Price$249.99
Availability: In Stock
Behringer HD400 MicroHD 2-Channel Hum Destroyer
N Stuff Price$24.99
Availability: In Stock

There’s no place better to shop for recording gear than here at N Stuff Music. We are the go-to music store in the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding region. Our selection of recording gear surpasses even the nearby chain music stores (how is that possible?). But what really separates us is that we take a level of care and attention to customer value that no other music store does. This starts with having a set of highly skilled and personable representatives at our store. Our employees have decades of experience in their respective fields and will give you thoroughly informed information regarding our selection of recording products.

Here at N Stuff Music we are the location that the local and nearby studio engineers and sound engineers shop for all of their gear needs. Assembling a recording rig is a daunting process, especially if you don’t know much about the gear and what you need. But here at N Stuff Music our representatives are glad to give you the information necessary to begin building your rig.

One of the first things you need to get started building a recording rig is the right software. Here at N Stuff you can get Pro Tools from Avid, an industry-standard in the recording world that professionals everywhere swear by. Pair this with a recording interface and you have two of the most essential tools to recording to your computer.

Microphones. They’re a world all to themselves. Whether it’s dynamic, condenser, ribbon, or any type of microphone you can find a huge variety in our inventory. Are you not sure what type is best for your needs? No problem, just contact us, let us know what you’re recording needs and budget are, and we can return with a selection of products that best fits your criteria.

The recording world has not gone immune to the immense technological advancement in today’s world. Here at N Stuff we always make the effort to stay on top of the cutting-edge innovations in music technology so you can count on seeing the latest recording products in our inventory. Whether its digital mixers for iPad, smartphone recording software, iRig programs, or others, we have got you covered.

If you’re looking for the best in sound quality or stereo systems to play music look no further! Our collection of studio monitors contain top industry brands like Yamaha, JBL, PreSonus, Mackie, and others. We’ve got a huge range of monitors sizes, styles, prices, and other features that will surely contain what you’re looking for whether its high quality audio playback for your studio or great listening for leisure purposes.

We understand as well that not everyone is interested in making a full-fledged studio, but would love to have recording capabilities. We have portable studios, small mixers, tablet mixers, and a variety of products that one of our representatives will gladly arrange for you or assist you in finding others that suit your applications.

Shop at N Stuff Music for all of your recording needs and you’ll be getting the best in price, product selection, and customer service. Contact us today for more information.

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