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PRS John Mayer Silver Sky - Tungsten
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PRS John Mayer Silver Sky - Frost
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PRS John Mayer Silver Sky - Horizon
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PRS 2016 CE 24 - Dark Cherry Sunburst
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For one of the best selections of Paul Reed Smith Guitars in the entire industry contact us today at N Stuff Music. PRS manufacturers some of the best bolt-on style guitars that harken back to the traditions of high quality solid body electric guitars. The durability of bolt-on guitars is practically unmatched due to the stability they provide. These guitars, like all PRS guitars, are meticulously created and have the utmost attention to detail in their design and manufacturing. Not only do these guitars contain traditional bolt-on styling, but they have a completely unique tone and provide for the same high level of versatility that has made PRS guitars some of the most sought after instruments in the marketplace today.

The CE-24 from PRS has proven to be a favorite guitar in the industry today. These guitars combine the widespread number of finishes and aesthetics that PRS offers with the tonal versatility that they have become known for. As a bolt-on instrument the CE-24 is a more traditional style electric guitar that has the capacity for vintage rock sounds while also containing modern features that make it a powerhouse for a variety of styles.

Like most PRS guitars these instruments feature a push/pull tone knob that provides coil tapping capabilities. This way you can achieve both full humbucker sounds as well as glassy single-coil sounds in the same instrument so you won’t need to switch guitars during the gig and can just have one with you.

One of the miraculous aspects of PRS guitars is their ability to achieve a huge variety of tone. Put these axes on the neck humbucker through a clean amp and you will notice their ridiculous ability to produce an authentic jazz guitar tone through the warmth that they can produce. However, if you split the coils and go to the middle or bridge pickup positions you will notice that you can immediately achieve that classic country spank and twang and without even changing settings on the amplifier!

The PRS Bolt-on guitars maintain the iconic craftsmanship and quality that PRS has become the forefront of while also still maintaining a reasonably affordable price tag for an elite level instrument. Practically no other company is producing instruments of such high value and quality at prices as affordable as PRS guitars and this is because PRS is truly focused on providing instruments of quality to all consumers.

If you’re interested in visiting the Paul Reed Smith factory they conduct free, hour long tours year round that offer an in-depth look at their manufacturing process and what goes on behind the scenes of manufacturing these great instruments. These tours are incredibly detailed and personal and allow an inside look on how they manufacturer electric guitars, amplifiers, and acoustic guitars.

PRS guitars are among the very best on the market today, and as a main dealer of these fine instruments we at N Stuff Music are very proud to provide them to our customer base. Contact us today at N Stuff Music so we can serve your musical needs!

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