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Fender American Elite Telecaster Thinline - Natural
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Fender American Elite Telecaster - Butterscotch Blonde
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Fender American Elite Telecaster - Ocean Turquoise
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When you think of country, rock, blues, funk, R&B, and countless other styles of music what is the first guitar that comes to mind that could tackle all of these? It’d have to be the Telecaster. The “Tele”, as we all call it, is undoubtedly one of the most versatile guitars to ever be created. The American Elite Telecaster is one of Fender’s premium lines of telecaster guitars. These are made with some of the finest materials and woods that Fender’s Corona, California factory has to offer. Fender is taking an incredibly interesting approach with these American Elite instruments in that they are a thorough combination of vintage and modern characteristics. These American Elite Telecasters produce that iconic Tele sound but with a host of modernizations that make them exceptionally playable. The number of professional Tele players is like almost no other instrument. For one of the best selections of Fender Telecasters in the industry today contact us at N Stuff Music and we will gladly serve your needs.

There are a couple different styles of American Elite Telecasters such as a rosewood fretboard, maple fretboard, or a thinline semi-hollow body. These also each come in a variety of finishes that Fender has produced including natural, butterscotch blonde, and tobacco sunburst.

One of the features on these guitars that modernize the telecaster are Fender’s New 4th Generation Noiseless pickups. These pickups are an enhancement of Fender’s extremely successful noiseless single-coil pickups. The New 4th Generation Noiseless pickups are known for glassy and crystal cleans with the ability to have great throaty punch with overdrive. However, these single-coils will do all of it completely silent so you won’t have any need to worry about the typical single-coil noise.

The 6-saddle chromed telecaster bridge with brass saddles will keep the stability of your intonation and the playability of the American Elite Telecaster at a consistent high. These guitars’ satin urethane finish on the neck enhance your ability to play with an intense level of speed and accuracy and will be sure to make chording, solo playing, and riffs all feel completely comfortable and effortless.

The Fender American Elite line of guitars are among the best that is produced in the iconic Fender factory in Corona, California. These are made with Fender’s brilliant precision and attention to detail.

There is no single more iconic brand in the history of the guitar than Fender guitars. Fenders are the brand that has set the standard for all other guitars to be compared to. Fender has never been known to limit themselves, thus production of the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, HSS strats, Squier, acoustic guitars, mustang, duo-sonic, and many other guitars as Fender seems to never quit reinventing their possibilities. At N Stuff Music we are proudly one of the largest dealers of Fender guitars in the region and our innovative website has allowed us to become one of the premier dealers of Fender instruments in the United States. The Fender Telecaster is one of the most versatile guitars that’s ever been made, so if you want the truth in terms of versatility then come down to N Stuff Music and we’ll hook you up.

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