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Fender Custom Shop 18.6' Straight to Right-Angle Guitar Cable - Tweed
N Stuff Price$39.99
Availability: In Stock
Hosa 3GT-18C1 - 18' Cloth Guitar Cable - Blue/White/Black
N Stuff Price$16.45
Availability: In Stock
Hosa 3GT-18C2 - 18' Cloth Guitar Cable - Blue/Green/White
N Stuff Price$16.45
Availability: In Stock
Hosa 3GT-18C3 - 18' Cloth Guitar Cable - Red/Green
N Stuff Price$16.99
Availability: In Stock
Hosa 3GT-18C4 - 18' Cloth Guitar Cable - Black/Gold
N Stuff Price$16.45
Availability: In Stock
Hosa 3GT-18C5 - 18' Cloth Guitar Cable - Red/Black
N Stuff Price$16.45
Availability: In Stock
Hosa CFS-106 - 6" Right-Angle to Right-Angle Guitar Patch Cable
N Stuff Price$2.95
Availability: In Stock
Hosa CPE-106 - 6" Right-Angle to Right-Angle Guitar Patch Cable
N Stuff Price$7.45
Availability: In Stock
Hosa CPE-118 - 18" Right-Angle to Right-Angle Guitar Patch Cable
N Stuff Price$7.95
Availability: In Stock
Hosa GTR-205 - 5' Guitar Cable
N Stuff Price$6.95
Availability: In Stock
Hosa GTR-210 - 10' Guitar Cable
N Stuff Price$8.95
Availability: In Stock
Hosa IRG-100.5 - 6" Low-Profile Right Angle to Same Guitar Patch Cable
N Stuff Price$4.95
Availability: In Stock

One of the most essential pieces of gear that we perhaps don’t pay as much attention to as others is the guitar cable. However, a quality and reliable cable can truly ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your rig to function the way you need it to.

A bad cable can become microphonic and effect your tone and sonic quality very subtly until you are able to decipher that it is a bad cable causing the issue. This is why it is of the greatest importance to purchase guitar cables that are reliable no matter where the gig is or what the setting is.

Guitar cables have ¼ inch connectors that are designed to plug into any guitar amp in the industry, any pedals, as well as be able to plug directly into most mixers, interfaces, and PA systems. Despite the cost of guitar cables and their use not being as vivid as instruments, amplifiers, or pedals, cables are an essential piece of gear that can really make or break a rig.

We carry the most premier brands of guitar cables whether it be Monster, Planet Waves, or even our own N Stuff Music brand guitar cables. These brands produce cables that have proven to be industry standards in terms of durability, reliability, and overall performance.

Sizes: Guitar cables are made in a variety of sizes that are meant to be used in different circumstances. Often times for bedroom or studio practice a 5’ or 10’ cable makes the most sense since typically while practicing the player will sit closely to the amp and thus an excess of cable is not necessary. For guitarists who perform a good distance in front of the backline they may need to consider cables that are 20’ or longer so that the amount of cable is plentiful and they do not need to worry about it being pulled too much. It is important to note that often times 50’ cables or bigger can often cause a loss of signal in its path to an amplifier thus making it extra crucial to ensure that the brand cable will not do that and may be necessary to purchase a signal buffer.

Connectors: There are typically two basic shapes of connectors for guitar cables, the straight connector and the right-angle connector. The right-angle connector can work very well for entering into a pedal rig when coming from an amplifier or from a pedalboard to an amplifier or effects loop. A right-angle connector is often a more ideal choice when the input jack for the guitar or bass is on the top of the body of the instrument so that the cable does not protrude especially far and instead runs along the top of the guitar.

Here at N Stuff Music we also solder and make our very own N Stuff Music instrument cables. Our very own Dave Lewis puts his decades of experience as a prominent guitar tech and electronics guy to develop our durable, reliable, high-end, and affordable N Stuff Music cables. Check out a variety of guitar cables here at N Stuff Music. Thank you for visiting our website and thanks for visiting N Stuff Music!

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