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Behringer HD400 MicroHD 2-Channel Hum Destroyer
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Peavey Feedback Ferret D Anti-Feedback Filter Array
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Behringer FBQ1000 2-Channel Feedback Destroyer
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Feedback, hum, and all types of unwanted noise are things that will never stop giving us headaches as musicians. But now with the purchase of a feedback reducer, hum eliminator, or anything similar you can cure that miserable headache and perform with little to no excess noise! At N Stuff Music we have an assortment of hum eliminators and feedback reducers available in our inventory that sound engineers and musicians alike will realize are extremely helpful. Contact us at N Stuff Music today and we will fit you with a hum eliminator that works beautifully for whatever your instrument or sound rig is.

There are so many unpredictable factors when gigging as a musician or sound engineer. Countless factors can play into the noise that infiltrates your sound rig. You can get unwanted noise from weak or sketchy power sources so any outlets that are not up to par whether in a club, outside, or any venue can immediately cause an abundance of noise. Things as minimal as light-switch dimmers can greatly affect your signal and give tons of hum because of the interference that they can cause.

How can you deal with this? A hum eliminator or any type of noise cancellation should do the trick for you. But be careful, depending on the noise cancellation unit you pick you may run the risk of getting something that cancels noise but makes your tone suffer. At N Stuff Music we carry the products that will not only eliminate noise but will promote the purity and quality of your signal.

Here at N Stuff Music we have 2-channel hum eliminators as well as rackmount anti-feedback units that will eliminate hum completely from your signal allowing you to have as clean and quality a signal as possible during performance.

For the best in service and product selection you cannot go wrong with shopping at N Stuff Music. We are here to guide you in the process and also be sure you are able to properly use your gear even after purchase. With any live sound or recording questions contact us at N Stuff Music today!

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