Shubb C1K Origonal Capo (Black)
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Shubb C1K Origonal Capo (Black)

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Shubb C1K Origonal Capo (Black)

The newest addition to our line. In response to years of requests - does it come in black? - now we can say "yes".

We dubbed it capo noir. That just means black capo, but we wanted it to sound a little jazzier, because it does look pretty jazzy!

It is exactly the same as our original capo, but finished in black chrome. Ideal for guitars with black hardware, or for anyone who wants a sleek looking capo that is very inconspicuous onstage.

Since 1980 the Shubb capo has set the standard against which all others must be measured. It is the first choice ... often the only choice... of more than a million musicians worldwide. The serious guitarist will settle for no less.

What makes the Shubb capo so special? For one thing, its ingenious design: a patented locking action which provides an unrivalled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place... and removes it just as quickly.

And the Shubb capo doesn't create tuning problems. Its soft, resilient rubber is specially designed to work just like a fingertip, so it doesn't bend the strings over the frets. Its closing action is just like your hand, so it doesn't pull the string off center. As a result, no re-tuning is necessary!

Precisely machined of brass and carefully hand assembled, a Shubb capo is manufactured without compromise. Simply holding one in your hand conveys a sense of quality. Snapping it solidly onto a guitar neck, and then removing it, all within about one second, will confirm its reputation for excellence.

Model: C1K
Manufacturer: Shubb

Shubb C1K Origonal Capo (Black)

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1. on 1/9/2011, said:
Intonation was well kept! Even during heavy strumming.
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